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About Me

Hello! My name is Rich and I am passionate about helping students break down and solve the puzzle that is standardized testing. I have coached hundreds of students since 2006, with many achieving perfect scores and others improving an average of 200 points from their pre-tutoring scores. I'm happy to meet in person, over Skype or via telephone.


➢ Boston University (BA) & Babson College (MBA)

➢ 99th percentile on SAT: 1550/1600

➢ 99th percentile on ACT: 35/36

➢ 15+ years of experience with hundreds of students

If interested, please contact me below to arrange a free consultation. I'd love to hear from you!


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  • SAT: Reading, Math, Writing & Language, Essay

  • ACT: English, Math, Reading, Science

  • PSAT

  • SSAT: English, Math, Reading, Essay

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  • College Matching & Personalized College List

  • Admission Essay Writing Guidance

  • College Admissions To-Do List, Timeline & Schedule

  • College Resume Review

  • Start-to-Finish Support

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  • Algebra I & II

  • Geometry 

  • Trigonometry

  • Reading Comprehension 

  • Writing

Hourly Rates & Discount Packages for Test Prep

Hourly Lessons
Recommended for students who prefer flexibility.
One (1) hour of private tutoring
Two-hour sessions highly recommended
Sprint - 6 Hours
Recommended for students with limited time.
Three (3) two-hour private tutoring sessions
Targeted prep for specific needs
Comprehensive - 18 Hours
Recommended for students who need a thorough review.
Nine (9) two-hour private tutoring sessions
In-depth prep with PT review
Group Lessons
Recommended for small groups of students (max 3).
Three-hour group tutoring sessions as needed
Economical option that delivers results

Please Note: All lessons must be pre-paid via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or personal check.

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When I hired Rich to work with my son, my biggest fear was that my son's scores would not improve and I would not have received the full value of the monetary investment. This was quite the opposite my son's score improved and he also learned some new studying strategies that helped him improve his test taking skills in school in addition to his SAT's. Rich was very relatable and both my boys enjoyed working with him because he was not just someone else telling them what to do. They learned a lot and never felt like it was a chore to go meet Rich because they got a lot out of each lesson.

Rich is easy to work with, reliable, flexible and very knowledgeable. Both my boys improved their test scores. Rich was very genuine and cared about my boys even after the SAT process. He reached out to them and helped by reviewing their college essays and offering advice. He followed through with the whole process to see what school my boys ended up at. He went above and beyond. I'm not sure if other tutors would have taken these additional steps. I have and will continue to refer Rich to my friends without hesitation.

Liz Parent


My biggest fear before hiring Rich was that I had not met him before and didn't know him but right away, he made my daughter feel comfortable and his easy-going personality was wonderful. What really stood out to me was that I could hear my daughter laughing and having fun during the lessons. It amazed me that she was actually enjoying her tutoring lessons! She never complained about working with Rich and after each session, she would state how much Rich helped her with his strategies and techniques.

Rich is highly knowledgeable while being fun to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Barbara Parent


I was afraid working with Rich would mean a lot of homework and extra work outside of the time we had together. My previous tutor gave me a lot of packets to do each week and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to handle all of the work. However, I was able to manage the homework Rich gave me and while it didn't take very long to complete, it was very helpful. Something that stood out to me was how comfortable I felt working with Rich. I did not feel like I was studying and we were able to have some laughs while studying at the same time! It was a relaxing environment which I felt was important when prepping for something so stressful.

You will learn more from Rich than any other tutor because you will not be bored or stressed out when working with him. I really benefitted from what we went over in our lessons while having fun at the same time. With Rich's help, you will be 100% prepared for the SAT without stressing over how to balance their social life, academics and SAT practice time.

Mary Student


Before I met Rich, I had a tutor whose lessons were really boring and I was worried about being so bored I wouldn't have any motivation. So when I first started meeting with Rich, I was worried that he would also be unapproachable, someone who I wouldn't be able to ask questions to or someone I wouldn't talk to outside of the lessons. None of this came true. Instead, I felt comfortable working with Rich and he actually made learning fun. I did not have a problem asking questions and even after my lessons were over I did not have a problem asking Rich questions and for college advice. Rich was able to identify exactly what my strengths and weaknesses were after a diagnostic test and we were able to hone in on the areas that needed the most work, which really helped my scores.

Rich made tutoring fun and was very helpful - there is no one else I would have chosen. If you want a SAT tutor who does not put you to sleep and will really help, you should choose Rich. You will not regret it.

Andrew Student


When Rich and I began working together, I was nervous that I wouldn't know a lot about the SATs and I wouldn't do well. However, Rich helped me realize that I already knew a lot of the content on the SAT and what I didn't know, Rich made it easy to learn. What really stood out to me was how easy Rich made it to follow the lesson and the tangible examples that Rich used to teach the lessons.

Rich's tutoring was very helpful and as a result my SAT scores went up every time I took them. Rich is easy to work with and makes it more fun to learn.

Steven Student